Seamless craftsmanship since 1998

What we do

Commercial & Residential Drywall

Our walls make a big statement. They are the future home of family portraits, and, if they could speak, we know they'd tell great tales. 

Commercial & Residential Painting

From hanging and taping, down to the final brush stroke, Wehmeier Painting offers real value and a commitment to customer service. 

the Wehmeier Way

Real Value

Not all drywallers are equal. Things get expensive when a cheaper sub goes wrong. With Wehmeier you get flawless installation at a great price and value.

Skilled & Superior

More contractors trust Wehmeier with their custom and production homes because of our superior techniques, skilled installers and unrivaled service.

On-Time Delivery

Choosing Wehmeier means choosing a subcontractor who Delivers On Time. While not everyone is as concerned with it as you, rest assured it is our priority.

To Specification

From arches to curved walls, stairways to trendy beading, no matter the complexity, Wehmeier ensures each wall and ceiling meets your specs.

The 3 P's

However superior our drywall installation, no wall is complete without a fresh coat of paint. We make sure your walls are Prepped, Primed and Painted.

Union Labor

Our installers and painters are always union and always clean-cut. We are dedicated to seamless craftsmanship on every project from start to finish.